• LengtH
  • Draft launching
  • Draft sailing
  • Hull weight
  • Sail area standard
  • Sail area youth
  • Crew weight
    55 to 105kg

Outstanding Performance.

The ultra-light weight of the L12 Lowrider is a game changer afloat and ashore. Feel the exhilaration of this very agile boat. Our promise: it only takes 5min to get ready to sail. The hard chined hull provides a high form stability and makes the L12 a pleasure to sail for pros and beginners on performance dinghies. The hull shape is designed to minimize the performance differences between lighter and heavier sailors.

Standard equipment

  • High aspect ratio daggerboard
  • Carbon rudder
  • 6m two piece carbon mast with
    track and halyard
  • Aluminium boom black hard
  • 9.5m² North Sails fully-battened
    laminate with bag
  • Cunningham 1:8 (split and
    cleated on either side deck)
  • Vang 1:16
  • Mainsheet 1:4 with ratchet
  • Padded toe strap
  • DECKIT foam decking – colour:
    dark grey

From 12,352.94€
(excl. 19% VAT)

Optional equipment

  • Carbon boom
  • Carbon tiller extension
  • Aluminium trolley with foam
  • Cockpit bag
  • DECKIT foam decking colour
  • DECKIT foam decking Pussy Pads
  • Padded covers for daggerboard
    and rudder
  • 7.5m² North Sails fully-battened
    laminate with bag
  • GPS speedometer: Velocitek
  • Wind indicator
  • Assembly of blocks and ropes
L12 Lowrider

A new generation of dinghies.

AST L12 Lowrider Jolle

When Performance matters and design meets function.

The L12 builds on the very successful design of The Foiling Dinghy. It’s a simple and easy to use dinghy with an outstanding performance. With its wide planning hull it offers sensational and fast downwind rides and still gives you a lot of stability for quick upwind sailing. It’s the latest hull design on the dinghy market with a wave piercing bow. The comfortable cockpit with EVA non-skid invites you to enjoy sailing. Thanks to the ergonomic design all controls are within reach.

AST L12 Lowrider Jolle
Bildlaufgruppe 2@2x

Inverted bow

The wave piercing bow allows a much smoother ride upwind and easily cuts through waves, while normal dinghies pitch above them. This reduction in pitch creates a smoother flow on the foils and the sail to optimize the performance. Also the sailed distance through a wave is less than to sail above it. When sailing on a hard downwind pitch poling is no longer an issue. The inverted bow just cuts through the water and doesn’t stop the boat when running into a wave.

Ergonomic cockpit and deck

We have used, where possible, cambered panels in the deck
design. These are much more comfortable to sit on than angled flat panels from conventional dinghies. All controls are within reach of the helm. The open transom easily drains the cockpit.

Two Sails Rig System

The two sails, the 7.5sqm and the 9.5sqm sail, are designed to fit on the same mast and boom. This eliminates the need of different mast sections like on all other dinghies, what reduces the costs for the sailor and allows a sail change in less than the blink of an eye.

L12 Lowrider

The light 30kg hull is a pleasure to handle onshore and offshore, to launch and recover, also for small and young sailors.